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Ship your orders from Amazon Prime Day through Pinoyboxdelivery!

Published on: Jul 07, 2022

1. Open a US box on
2. Shop at Amazon on July 12-13 (EST) to get the hottest deals.
3. Send the packages to our US address.
4. Once it arrives in our warehouse, ship your US box to your Philippine address.

Ship your boxes from US to the Philippines for as low as Php 2,780.00!

Published on: Jun 29, 2022

Pinoyboxdelivery offers FREE consolidation service for your US parcels.

New flat rates for your bikes from the Netherlands! Ship it to the Philippines for as low as Php 5,700.00 per bike.

Published on: Jun 27, 2022

Lead time: 7-9 weeks

Introducing USA Air Express! Faster shipping from USA to the Philippines.

Published on: Jun 27, 2022

Lead time: 7-10 business days

Ship your boxes or documents from Spain to the Philippines in just 7 days thru Spain Air Express!

Published on: Apr 27, 2022

Box (1-5 kgs) : Php 5,070.00 (Php 546.00 for succeeding kgs. above 5 kgs.)
Documents (Speedvelop SS 48 x 27 cm) : Php 4,290.00

Ship from South Korea to the Philippines for as low as Php800.00!

Published on: Apr 19, 2022

Grab your essential skincare and kpop merch budols direct from shops in South Korea.
Lead Time: 3-4 weeks via Sea Cargo

Ship from China to the Philippines for as fast as 7 days!

Published on: Mar 31, 2022

Lead time: 2-7 business days
Rates (whichever is higher):
General Cargo - Php 1,300.00/kg or Php 7,920/cbm;
Sensitive items - Php 1,500.00/kg or Php 7,920.00/cbm