How do I start? Where do I have my items delivered?

Answer: Once you have signed up to Pinoyboxdelivery.com, you can shop online and send to our partner warehouses, the addresses can be found in your online account.

2.Where can I have my box delivered in the Philippines?

Answer: Delivery to the Philippines is to our warehouse is in Parañaque City only. You can book a local courier ie. Lalamove or grab or you can pick-up in our Paranaque warehouse.

3.How long does shipping take as soon as box is dispatched?

Answer: It takes 2-3 weeks.

4. How long can I store my items before needing to ship them out?

Answer: When your items reach our Paranaque warehouse , your items need be to shipped to your address by your local courier otherwise storage fees will incur after one week.

5. What are your rates and box sizes?

Answer: We don't have standard box sizes for South Korea shipment. Shipping costs depend on the dimensions and weight of the package.

6. What is your weight limit?


Our minimum price for S. Korea is 3,000 pesos minimum. Size and weight is 60x60x50cm (19kgs)

7.Can you consolidate my items?

Answer: We can consolidate shipping in South Korea if all your boxes are dispatched at the same time (same batch and container).

8. Can I have items picked up for consolidation from a seller or supplier?

Answer: No, we don’t do pickup in South Korea.

9. When do I pay for my box and what are my payment options?

Answer: You will be invoiced as soon as your packages arrive in our Paranaque warehouse. Payment should be made before items are picked up / shipped to customer. Delays in payment will incur penalties such as storage fees.

10. What is the amount of insurance covered for my box?

Answer: Insurance only covers total loss of the box and not items inside the box.

11. When is your cut-off?

Answer: Boxes received from Saturday to Thursday will be included in Friday shipment. But sometimes due to unforeseen event, shipment schedule changes w/o prior notice.

12. The seller/supplier does not accept my Philippine credit card, can you pay for us?

Answer: No.

13. Where is the South Korea warehouse in Philippines? Can I pick up instead?

Answer: Our warehouse is in Parañaque City only. You can book a local courier ie. Lalamove or grab or you can pick-up in our Paranaque warehouse.

14.When do I know that item is received by the S. Korea warehouse?

Answer: You can base this on the tracking number by the domestic courier. All packages are then automatically shipped to the Philippines. Pinoybox can only confirm that it has been received once it arrives in our Manila warehouse.

15. How can we track our items?

Answer: Apologies, we don't have tracking in our South Korea shipment. Boxes will be automatically dispatched going to Manila warehouse. Once arrived, we will e-mail you regarding the shipping cost and tracking numbers that already arrived.

16.New! What will happen if my box doesn't have label?

Answer: For boxes without label, our South Korea warehouse has the right not to send the boxes to our Philippine warehouse.
Please inform your suppliers to label the boxes properly to avoid delay of sending the boxes. You may also ask them to send a picture before shipping to our warehouse. Boxes will be stored in the warehouse for one month for proper identification and consolidation, from the date of receipt.
Storage fees will be implemented for unidentified boxes over 30 days in the warehouse.

17. New! Unclaimed boxes charge

Answer: For unclaimed boxes in the Philippine warehouse, we can store boxes only up to 30 days and then storage fees apply:
SMALL BOX - P300 each per week;
MEDIUM BOX - P400 each per week;
LARGE BOX - P600 each per week
Unclaimed boxes will be disposed after 60 days in the warehouse.