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You can ship your items to the following addresses for consolidation.


ATTN: “Your Name” Forex Cargo UK Unit 7
Alpha Estate, Clayton Road Hayes,
Middlesex UB3 1BB
Tel No: (44) 2088137064

SizeDimensionMetro ManilaLuzonVisayasMindanao
20 x 13 x 13in
Php 3,108
Php 3,478
Php 3,848
Php 4,218
24 x 16 x 20in
Php 4,588
Php 4,958
Php 5,328
Php 5,698
24 x 24 x 24in
Php 6,808
Php 7,548
Php 8,288
Php 8,658
Extra Large
23 x 20 x 34in
Php 7,548
Php 8,288
Php 9,028
Php 9,398
Php 8,288
Php 9,028
Php 9,768
Php 10,138
34 x 24 x 26in
Php 9,768
Php 10,508
Php 11,248
Php 11,618
Php 3,108
Php 3,478
Php 3,848
Php 4,218


ATTN: “Your Name” 14919 Gwen Chris CT,
Paramount, CA 90723, United States
Tel. No: (562) 630-8622

SizeDimensionMetro ManilaLuzonVisayasMindanao
Php 2,300
Php 2,550
Php 2,800
Php 3,050
Php 2,888
Php 3,050
Php 3,300
Php 3,550
Php 3,800
Php 4,050
Php 4,300
Php 4,550
Php 4,550
Php 4,800
Php 5,050
Php 5,300


ATTN: 'Your Name'
515 Milner Ave. Unit 9
Scarborough Ontario Canada M1B 2K4
Tel. No.: (416) 298 8622
Toll Free: 1-866-237-9154

SizeDimensionMetro ManilaLuzonVisayasMindanao
Php 3,313
Php 3,898
Php 3,898
Php 4,093
Php 4,288
Php 4,873
Php 4,873
Php 5,263
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  • Dear Mr. Shariff and everyone else in the Team, My brother has successfully received my package on Saturday and I saw in the pictures that he sent me that everything was well-packed! I salute you for your efficiency and professionalism. I will definitely recommend your services to my family and friends! Once again, thanks for helping me from day one! You definitely stand out from all other shipping companies!

    - Joan C, Macau, May 12, 2015
  • I tried several Cargo in the past,but some of them never showed up on time whenever they pick up my boxes.Then i was introduced to UMAC by my co- worker, from then on i've been using UMAC just over 2 one thing that i praised them for the most,has been and still is their honesty and good service.Like my friend,i highly recommend UMAC to anyone who needs service to the Philippines !

    - Susan Gomez-Luz, Phoenix,Arizona
  • Very impressed with box delivered which was delivered on time in Mindanao.

    - Erlinda Maxey, Winter Spring, FL
  • I used to buy a couple of very specialised items from the US for a healthcare project. It was really straightforward to use. The customer service is responsive to queries and updated me on order changes because I couldn't estimate the items I bought. Bottomline, the items came on time and in perfect condition. Thanks PBD!

    - Lester T. April 3, 2013
  • Have had several boxes shipped already from Amazon, ebay among others. Pinoyboxdelivery’s easy to use self service interface coupled with the responsive support is a breeze to use. Looking forward to more shopping with Pinoyboxdelivery. Thanks.

    - Nic, Feb. 14, 2014
  • Have tried shipping from the UK and US. Very helpful customer service staff based in Manila. They reply to my emails and calls. Always on top of things!

    - Laura. Oct 2014
  • These guys are honest, and reasonable... I'm happy with them unlike some crooks who charge us with exorbitant air rates... Highly recommended A+++

    - Junjun E, Sept 2014
  • I have been a regular customer of Pinoybox now, and am happy with their service. They check that the items are correct and matching based on the order list, they answer emails personally and accomodate to simple requests, and the shipping time is as expected. Their service allows Filipinos to still be able to buy things not available here in the Philippines, without harassing relatives living abroad to do the errand for them. I am glad they came up with this concept. I shall employ their service again as a regular client.

    - Lynne L. March 2014
  • Thank you very much! I am very impressed with your company-- your website (easy to use), service (John Shariff was very accommodating and helpful) and delivery speed. Your standard ETA was Jan 16 but I was expecting delivery around mid Feb due to port congestion (which your website warned about), Christmas rush, Pope visit and truck ban. Yet, you delivered on Feb 3, before my personal ETA. Good job! I will be using your services soon!

    - Mellisa Fernandez, February 10, 2015
  • I just wanted to stop in to tell you, how pleased we are with our recent shipment through your company. We shipped two balikbayan boxes on 11-30-2012, and they arrived INTACT, on January 30, 2013. We could not be happier, and would like to know where we can leave more reviews. I left one on the Merchant Circle page, for the Jacksonville, FL UMAC, but would like to leave glowing reports elsewhere, online. All, are happy! Thanks!

    - Emily Tack, Florida, Jan. 31, 2013